On the weekend of April 17th, the family travelled to Easter Illinois University in Charleston, Ill to watch Ben and his fraternity brothers participate in the highlight of Greek Week festivities,

Air Band!

For those unschooled in what Air Band is, each participating fraternity/sorority puts on a 5-10 minute Lip Synched dance to a theme.  Scanty clothes, Cross dressing, and just about anything else goes as these groups try to out do each other in the competition.   Ben's ATO frat took second which was a tremendous achievement.   

We arrived around 4 in the afternoon and promptly picked up Ben at his apartment and went over for an early dinner at world famous Marty's right on campus at EIO.  Marty's is owned by family friend David Block and recently underwent a beautiful upgrade.

Brett's longtime friend Becky is a student at EIU and Brett asked her to come over and join use - which she did.  Following dinner, to kill some time, the boys threw the football around and then at 6:00pm we filed into the auditorium for the Air Band festivities. 

Ben's frat was the second one to perform and their theme was Willy Wonka and his Chocolate Factory.   Ben along with long time friend Weston, they were in most every scene, with solo features as well.

In fact, Weston, was named the King of Greek Week - which was a great highlight to the evening.   I have many sets of pictures below  Please click them to see all the fun we had.  Listed above is the entire family shown after Air Band had concluded and picture to the right is of Ben in one of his many costumes.   Immediately  below is a picture of King Weston and his Queen. All the way down is the video of their performance immediately below.


It was great to get the entire family together - and ben you did great!

The ATO Air Band Presentation