On a chilly afternoon, second son Ben and his lovely girlfriend Sara headed out to Wrigley Field to watch Chicago's

Loveable Losers - The Cubs.

Ben had a short break with us at home following his spring semester at EIU and his impending return for the summer semester.   While he was home however, the Cubbies had a homestand and Ben went to 4 games during that week.

However, this game was a bit special for a couple reasons.  The 1st is he was taking Sara (even though I don't think Sara was too excited about the adventure) and 2nd he was randomly picked to go out onto the field and shag some balls on the hallowed ground of Wrigley Field. 

I can't even imagine how excited Ben must have been roaming around the outfield fielding the Fly Balls and throwing them back into the infield.   I'll bet he was crying and tinkling in his undies at the same time.

Picture right is of Ben and Sara against the outfield wall covered with the Ivy planted by Bill Veeck back in 1937.

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Alas, the Cubbies lost a squeaker that day 14-2 and are characteristically mired in a 1-9 slump. But that doesn't matter to Ben as he loves them no matter what.

After Ben was on the field he spied new Cubs owner Tom Ricketts and Ben called him over for a picture shown below.   Tom was kind enough to comply.  By the way, some of you might ask what's up with Ben's beard.  Well the idiot is pretending he is a Chicao Blackhawk and in fine playoff tradition is letting his beard grow until the Hawks either win the Stanley Cup or get swept from the Playoff.  He sure is Kathy's son.

Picture all the way on the bottom is of Ben running in a ball from the outfield, pretending he is a white Alfonso Soriano.

Looks like you and Sara had a great time!