On the evening of their last day of High School, Brad & Christina

Go to the Prom!

On a lovely June 4th, Bradley and his longterm cuddle cutie Christina, got all dolled up and attended their last social event of their High School lives. Christina looked lovely and perky as ever in a long red gown and Brad looked very handsome in his tuxedo with red tie and red vest.

We took pictures at Christina's house of just the 2 of them and then were off to the house of another school chum to have even more snaps taken.  Following, Brad and Christina drove off to their enchanted evening at the Itasca Westin where they met up with all their friends and had a lovely evening.

Picture right is of the couple at Christina's home and snap all the way on bottom is of all the couples that went to the Prom together.

You can see from the pictures that they had a great Time!