Ever thankful of all our blessings, the family celebrated another

Blessed Christmas.

During this holiday season, we followed our usual traditions and spent the holidays with loved ones in the family.  We are thankful that our entire family was together as Ben had returned from university and it was great to have all 6 of us home at the same time.

As usual, on Christmas Eve, we went to Kathy's brother Jay's house and had a great meal and fellowship with both Jay and Val's family.  It was great to see all the cousins together and it was easy to look back and remember when they were just babies and know to look at them today makes us especially proud.   

Daughter Jameson, showed her photography portfolio, displaying a prodigous talent that she is developing.   Jayson, was as close mouthed as ever, unwilling to give Uncle Rick a full co-ed report - but you can tell he's a great kid.

Following Jay & Val's we stopped briefly by cousing Barb Gray's home and saw the Johnson side of the family for an hour or so.  It was great to see everyone's favourite Auntie Joyce and Jim and all the cousins and kids as well.

On Christmas Day, we opened gifts amongst our immediate family in the morning.  Everyone seemed to be happy with their gifts and following the opening we all scattered to play with our new gadgets, books, video games and what-not.

In the afternoon we went to Sister Laurie Gregorio's home and had the Johnson family Christmas complete with my Mom who had flown in from Florida.   Laurie laid on a great Beef Ternderloin and the meal and the company was outstanding.

Picture top left is Kathy with our niece lovely neice Kelsey and Sister In Law Jan taken on Christmas Eve.   Picture upper right is of Brett trying on a Santa cap during the gift opening.   Picture all the way below is of the sisters and Mom taken at Laurie's home.

Merry Christmas To All