Coming as an unbelievable surprise, each and every one of you may now refer to me as

Colonel Rick Johnson!

Unbelievable as it seems, I have been commissioned a Colonel in the Honorable Order Of Kentucky Colonels in recognition of my contributions to the Commonwealth of Kentucky!.  I was nominated by fellow Kentucky Colonel Bob Kocher, husband of Hendrickson workmate Connie.

Bob, Connie, Kathy & myself attended a Kentucky Colonels event last November at Churchill Downs, that was absolutely spectacular.   Many of the Colonels, in all their finery, were in attendance and General Charley even ran that day making it a spectacular weekend all the way round.


Bob is also known as "Car Bob" as for over 25 years he has been the Sage of the Auto industry helping untold consumers help select the new cars just right for them.  Visit him at his web site at clicking here.

He sent me an electronic video card breaking the spectacular news to me.  The Video is to the left and can be played by hovering the mouse over the video and hitting the play button.

As you see in the video, I have a commission signed by the Honorable Governor Steven Beshear of Kentucky, which will be proudly displayed in my home.

And now, as my contributions to the State of Kentucky are sparse, I look forward to serving the Commonwealth of Kentucky in an admirable fashion.

Thanks to Bob & Connie for a wonderful surprise and we look forward to Seeing you soon!