With much love we mark the

50th Wedding Anniversary

of our dear friends Kathie & Ray Godfrey!   I have known Ray & Kathie for as long as I can remember.   We belong to the same church and they are fantastic people. They have raised a beautiful family and have displayed fine Christian examples during every step of their lives.

For me personally, they reached out a helping hand to me in a time when I needed it badly.   In 1977, I had just left college, was broke, beaten down and Ray called me out of the blue and offered me a job with his small trucking company. He called me!  

I had no experience, but he was patient and worked with me and helped me get my confidence back and with his help I started to look forward in my life.  I look back at that time as a turning point in my life.

I have never forgotten that act of kindness.

In late September they threw a party to mark their 50th anniversary which Kathy & I were invited to.   We were honored to be asked to help them with a rememberance video looking back over their 50 years of wedded bliss.  You can see it all the way on the bottom of the page....

Here's to your next 50 years,

with all our thanks and love....

Rick & Kathy Johnson


Ray & Kathie, Celebrating The First 50 Years