Suprising Mom on her 75th Birthday, the girls jetted off to

New York City

for a long weekend of girl fun in the Big Apple.

Sisters Laurie, Jean, Kathy, & Nancy surprised Mom with a combination 75th Birthday Bash and Happy Mother's Day extravaganza that started on May 8th and went on to the 11th! 

There were many highlights on the long weekend, but the best was getting Mom on Good Morning America in the clip shown up top.   But more on that later.

They met at La Guardia airport and proceeded to the Grand Hyatt Hotel in downtown Manhattan, where they bunked in 2 luxurious rooms.

Jean had planned an extra full itinerary that began with an immediate hunt for an off-track betting parlour so the babes could watch General Charley's race from Arlington.  But alas, no OTB is allowed to carry Arlington's signal - so it was off to find a bar with HRTV. 

Luckily Laurie & Kathy came upon one and ordered the lonely barkeep to switch the channel at the snap of their fingers - or else.   Scared of Laurie, he meekly complied and when the time came for the race, the whole bar was cheering our Charley onto victory.

click here for all the pictures of the Girls on their trip

click here to see their sign for Good Morning America

Then it was off to a Mexican Restaurant for dinner and then to the Theatre to watch a rendition of South Pacific.   That capped off the 1st day and they headed off to their hotel to prepare for funfilled day number 2.

Mother's day Brunch was the 1st order of the day, and followed with a double decker bus tour which was abandoned because it was too cold.  The hens then did a litle shopping, had a great dinner in Little Italy, and saw their second play of the weekend when they took in Billy Elliott - which, in Kathy's opinion, was much better than South Pacific.

Monday morning saw the old bats get out of bed at 5AM and hustle their wrinkly rumps over to Times Square and the Good Morning America show.   Kathy had got Mom a luminescent green shirt and accompanying sign in a successful attempt at getting Mom on nationwide TV.   Picture all the way on the bottom is the girls posing with George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts after the show.

They then did some more shopping, took a boat ride round Manhattan, scaled the Empire State Building, paid their respects at Ground Zero and before you knew it - they were headed home. 

This whole trip had been a surprise to Mom that she got alerted to just a few days before when the girls sent her a poem that Kathy had penned below.

A birthday and Mother’s Day- oh, what should we do?
It’s time to pack up and do something new.
We debated and planned for a few days of fun-
“South Pacific” would be nice to get some sun.

We kept brainstorming together and came up with a plan-
Our ideas started popping-let’s skip the tan.
A “train station”? Amtrak?  But, where would we go?
Forget that idea…we all said no!

Kathy’s idea was for plenty of “shopping”-
Finding a place where prices are dropping!
Jean thought a “boat ride” would be kind of neat-
A trip round an “island” is always real sweet!

Nancy came up with plans for a “ brunch”-
“Italian”, “Chinese”,  for dinner or lunch?
Laurie wanted to see some cool “sights”-
Days would be filled and so would the nights!

All of the notions we had were making us think…
We needed a place to find a good drink!
“Good Morning America” says vacations are a must-
We need to make sure this one’s not a bust!

Somewhere to go to that pleases us all-
We put our heads together and made the call.
Our plans are on paper… we all got our way-
Have you figured it out from the hints from today?

Where are we going and what will we see?
New York City” is what the answer will be!
So pack your bags-you’re in for a treat…
A girls weekend away is going to be sweet!


Happy 75th Birthday Mom


Happy Mother's Day 2010

We Love you Soooo Much!