Fasten your seat belts as it was time to enjoy

Super Bowl Weekend In new Orleans!

That's right, Rick, Brett & Brad flew down to the Big Easy to see not just General Charley's race on Feb 8th - but also to take in New Orleans during their Super Bowl Madness where the Saints dispatched the Colts in an upset.

We got down there Saturday afternoon and watched 2 of the Mardi Gras parades, Sparta & Pygmalion from Canal Street that evening.  This had been our first experience at watching the Mardi Gras festivities and it was wild.

Super Bowl Sunday we watched the races at the Fair Grounds and then picked up Aunt Peggy and Cousin Jean at the airport and hotfooted it directly to friend Neil Pessin's apartment in the French Quarter at the corner of Bourbon St and St. Peter's to watch the game.

Neil had also invited 2 other couples, really great people, one of them newlyweds from New York and the other were newlyweds from New Orleans - both in the Horse Racing business.   Together we watched the game and as the Saints started to pull away - you could hear the brewing madness from Bourbon Street start to build.

Picture upper left is all of us celebrating the Saints victory just prior to heading out to celebrate on Bourbon Street.  Picture lower right is of Brett & Brad the night before watching the Sparta Madi Gras Parade from Canal Street.

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As we headed out of Neil's place to celebrate the Saints win, we immediately got separated from Neil and his friends.   This happened before we even got to Bourbon St.   Once we went the 50 yards to get on Bourbon St, Brad & I promptly got separated from Brett, Jean & Peggy, and didn't see them till we were back at the hotel 2 hours later.

Jean & Peg credit Brett with saving their lives as Brett made a path through the crowd to safely get back - as Jean was a little under the weather from a number of Hurricanes she pounded during the game.

Bradley & I made our way back down Bourbon St and although everyone was going nuts they were also well behaved.  We saw only one person arrested and their were thousands of people crowded on this street.   More than a few times I feared Brad & I could get trampled as you just had to move with the flow of the crowd sometimes - but we made it.  An unforgettable experience.

Their are 2 videos below. The first is from Neil's apartment as it dawns on us that the Saints are actually going to win this thing,  and the second is of the madness on Bourbon Street after the game.

Thanks to Neil for the great Super Bowl party.  A weekend we Will never forget!

Watching the game at Neil's Apartment in the French Quarter

The Madness On Bourbon Street