On April 2nd, the family traveled south to Easter Illinois University to see son Ben and his ATO fraternity compete in EIU's Greek Week

Air Band Competition!

Ben, a Senior at EIU participated with his Frat brothers in a musical skit that kicks off the Greek Week festivities at EIU.  His ATO frat was the second group of 18 to perform and it was quite entertaining.

Sadly, they did not place in the competition. Close to the bottom of the page you can see the skit in its entirety.  Directly underneath the video of the skit, you can see video of Ben being introduced as one of the nominee's for Greek Week King.

(All the way on the bottom is another short video detailing the lavish and pristine care Ben has taken with our car we let him use at EIU.  As you can see he's turned it into quite a custom showpiece.)

We were proud to note that Ben had been nominated as one of 10 finalists for "Greek Week King". Though he did not win the title, he was gracious to the winner and we couldn't have been prouder of Ben.

Picture upper left is Ben with his proud brothers next to the stage.   Picture right is of Ben and his escourt as they competed to be King & Queen of EIU's Greek Week. 

Very Proud of our Ben and all his Fraternity Brothers. 


ATO Air Band Performance

Ben Introduced As Nominee For Greek Week King

The Beautiful Care That Ben Has Taken With Our LHS