With enormous pride we watched

Ben's Graduation from EIU

On December 17th, second son Benjamin Russell Johnson graduated with honors from Eastern Illinois University at their commencement ceremony held on campus in Charleston, Illinois.  He majored in Elementary Education and desires to be a teacher. The entire family traveled down for the event and congratulated Ben on his great achievement.

Before the commencement, we all had lunch at world famous Marty's resturant located on campus.  Marty's is owned by David Block, father of Red Rabbit Racing trainer Chris Block.   Their burgers were excellent as usual.  Knowing this was an emotional day, I (Rick) was battling my emotions, not wanting to meltdown in tears like I did when I saw Bryan's name in his commencement announcement when he graduated from WIU.

But at Marty's of all places, they played a song that began with Pomp & Circumstance, and I lost it right there in the Pub! To Ben's dismay I am blubbering in the bar, but we were all so very proud.

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In January Ben plans on Susbstitute teaching at the Schaumburg school district where  he did his Student Teaching under the tutelage of Master Educator Lynn Niemann.   In the Fall, he is hopeful of securing a permanent position there, so we have our fingers crossed.

During the commencement ceremony we sat by on Ben's side of the Hall and watched him with love.   We were so proud when he strode to the dais to receive his diploma and were also grateful that his years of College funding were now at an end!

Picture to the left is a montage of Ben walking to his Graduation on a beautifully warm December Day.  Next he poses with his brothers.   Following that he is seen walking to the main floor for the commencement.   Next a shot of Ben with his Frat house in the background and the everloving family shot towards the bottom.    Picture upper left is the Graduation announcement we sent our for Ben. All the way on the bottom of the page is some Video of the Commencement Ceremony shot by Brett.

Following the ceremony we hotfooted it up to University of Illinois in Champaign to witness the United States Air Force Commissioning of nephew John Gallo.   A great day in our family!

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Congratulations Ben on your tremendous achievement.

you have made your whole family very proud!




Video Taken By Brett - Congratulations Ben!