On a beautiful June 25th afternoon, I was proud to witness the graduation of my Diakonia classmates, 

Hank, Jan & Marlene. 

My friends, pictured to the right, had completed the 2 year curriculum in the Diakonia Program. The Diakonia Program is a two year process of spiritual formation and theological education for baptized members of the Lutheran Church. 

The program is intended to... "Equip God's People For Service In His Kingdom". 

This service was a very spiritual event, with the Bishop of the Synod attending. Early on I took a picture of Hank, seen in the upper right corner, where Hank's head is haloed in a golden light. This IS a God moment, as I believe the Holy Spirit revealed himself to us. Seeing this photo left all of us who saw it speechless as it dawned on us that God was truly with us in this church. 

Praise Be To God! 

All the way on the bottom of the page is the entire service segmented in 4 parts... On a personal note, I am so happy and proud of Hank, Jan & Marlene. These classmates have become close friends and I thank them for the help, love and patience they showed me as I went through my first year. Congratulations on your achievement my friends.

God Has Such Plans For You