As we entered December it was time for a proper

Christmas Party!

On December 3rd, 19 of us friends and family got together at Kemper Lakes for a fun evening of food, drink and Dancing.  As you can see from the photos above, we had a great crowd.   


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I particularly liked watching the little side scenes of this whole group.  Watching Kathy talk with her brother Jay.  Watching Sue and Aunt Peggy talk like I used to watch them do 40 years ago.   Talking racing with Trainer Block - especially when he pulled out Charley's Jockey Club papers and gave them to us.   Watching Vicky and Bob Lenz dance.   And of course the family clown Steven was in rare form.

They had a great band there, and though it took us awhile to put our dancing shoes on, once we did there was no keeping us off the floor.   We must make this into an annual tradition.  There was plenty of chatter and Horse talk, which made for a great evening.

Merry Christmas!