On a late October Saturday, I decided to make a speed run down to see

General Charley at his retirement home

at Riverwoods Farm, in beautiful El Paso, IL.  He looked absolutley great with his winter coat starting to grow out and his feet didn't seem to be giving him any problems as he raced around his pasture just to show me that he still had it.

Aunt Peggy has been taking stellar care of the 2010 Arlington Park Meet Champion and just recently has started to ride him a bit in her arena. 

While I was there young Sophie, daughter of Jody & Alan, asked me if I would come to her soccer game that afternoon.  I was happy to oblige and we watched her Titans cement 3rd place in the league by winning in commanding style 3-0.  Sophie was absolutely tremendous.  Picture left is of her family taken after the game with Mother Jody, Father Alan, Sister Lilly and dog all congratulating Sophie on her great game. All the way down at the bottom is some video of Sophie and her Titans in action.

Click here for All the pictures of General Charley

click here for all the pictures of Sophie's soccer game

Picture below is of Charlie showing off one of his special corrective shoes meant to support his ankle and hoof.  All the way down is some video of Sophie playing soccer.

Sure had fun with charley and

Way to go sophie!