Unbelievably, on September 26, Our Benjamin Russell was featured in a story that was on the front page, coast to coast of

The Wall Street Journal!

And of all things it was for his participation in a Tomato Throwing contest held in Broadview, IL a couple weeks earlier that Ben and a few of his friends participated in.

Apparently the Wall Street picked up on the event and decided to do a front page feature and accompanying video that featured our Ben!

When Ben told Kathy & I that he was going to be in the Wall Street Journal, we both pretty much rolled our eyes and said "Yeah Sure, Ben". But the next day, I went to Walgreens and there it was. I called my Mom in Florida, as I figured it must be just a regional story, - but no - Mom's Florida copy of the WSJ had her grandson Ben smiling at her as well.

Picture montage left is of Ben and his Buddies dressed up for the Tomato Throwing Fest. Picture upper right is the one of Ben that appeared in the Wall Street. Towards the bottom is a 2 minute video that gives a good recap of the event and the last 15 seconds of it feature Ben talking about the "Awesome" relatiohships built between strangers throwing Tomatoes at each other.

All the way on the bottom is a picture of the front page where you can plainly see Ben and his story on the VERY COVER!

Click here for a PDF of the story

Congratulations Ben!

Our son on the cover of the Wall Street.


Video As It Appeared On The Wall Street Journal's Web Site