On a snowy January Sunday, it was time to take our youngest son

Away to university!

Thats right, Bradley Robert Kennedy Eisenhower Johnson went off to his new college, Northern Illinois University in De Kalb Illinois.  Bradley is a second semester sophomore Health Science major.   He lives on campus at Lincoln Dorms, in the same building his mother resided in when she was a hot co-ed in 1980.

As you can imagine it was a real tear fest as Kathy wailed while Brad's girlfriend Tina chimed in as well.   Picture left is one of Kathy's more composed shots as she smiles through her tears right before Tina & I drove him off from our home to school.

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When we arrived at school Brad met his new roomate David and they hit it off just fine.   Tina, Brad & I moved him into his new room and got him all situated.  When it was time to leave, both Tina and I teared up but we consoled ourselves that we would see him a little more than a week later - which really helped.   

Picture right is of one sad Mom saying goodbye to Bradley through the screen door as we drove away.  Picture all the way bottom is of Tina & Brad in his dorm room with the final shot being Brad walking back to his dorm as we were leaving....

Good Luck and all our love Bradley

PS.  Brad's e-mail is Brad@rickyjohn.com