On December 21st, our Bryan and his lovely Sabrina

became Engaged!

That's right, the most joyous news as our eldest son has found his partner in life. Sabrina is a lovely, brilliant woman, graduate of Eastern Illinois University and a primary school teacher at a Catholic school in Chicago.

They have been dating since early in 2012 (unbelievably second son Ben introduced them) and from the outset looked like they were perfectly suited to each other.

Sabrina comes from a close family, headed up by her father Tony and mom Sue. Together with Sue's mom Grandma Essick, they are so nice and excited for their Sabrina.

Kathy & I met them at a hastily arranged Engagement Night Dinner at Capri Ristorante in Downers Grove where we toasted the happy couple with wishes of love and happiness.

Sabrina truly looks to have fallen for our Bryan, even with his square head and bear-like appearance. Sabrina's grandmother refers to him as "The Boy" and seems as smitten with him as Sabrina is.

Video of the special moment is all the way down at the bottom of the page. Pictures can be viewed by clicking one of the links directly below.

Apparently, Bryan had asked Sabrina's school principal if he could involve Sabrina's students in the proposal plot. So the kids were in on the secret and apparently held a banner that they had colored posing the critical question to Sabrina. Then Bryan bowed down on one knee, flashing the sparkler, and asked Sabrina to marry him.

Against ALL odds, she said yes, and now we turn to planning for a wedding. No date has yet been set, but stay tuned....

All our love Bryan & Sabrina.

We are so excited for you!

Video - Bryan Asks Sabrina To marry Him!