On an overcast October 13 afternoon, we paid a vist to Brad at NIU to watch

NIU's Homecoming Game

We had a full crowd as Kathy, Bryan, Brett, Brad's Girlfriend Tina,Sisters Laurie, Jean & Nancy and nephews Ryan & Jeff all made the trek west to see Brad and take in the football game. Kathy, Jean & Nancy are Alumni of the great NIU and they looked forward to coming back to campus to see what it looked like. Jean & Nancy squired sons Jeff & Ryan around the campus for them to take a look as their college days are not that far away.

It was jammed around the campus so Laurie & Nancy and their kids ate lunch at Fatty's across the street from Brad's Apt. However the rest of us couldn't get in so we went over to Buffalo Wild WIngs and had some lunch there. Unbelievably they botched the Medium Buffalo WIngs that I ordered and instead came out with their hottest sause they offer, but I put them away with nary a complaint.

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Picture right is of Sister Jean brandishing her Husky Hat that she purchased as a coed in 1982. Picture all the way on the bottom is Brad And a chilly Tina braving the cool autumn winds at the game. Next to that is a picture of a Cannon shot timed to show the full muzzle flash. It took Bryan and I about 80 pictures before we caught the full flame blasting out of the gun.

The game was a blowout with NIU dominating the Buffalo Bulls. After the game we bid Brad a fond farewell and set sail for home arriving home mid evening.

Bradley - We Love You!