On a brilliant Memorial Day we celebrated the

16th Birthday of Ryan Perryman!

Hard to believe but Ryan is Sweet Sixteen and just a great young man. Festivities were held at the Perryman home and had both the Perryman and Johnson sides of the family in full attendance.

Randy was the grill master and created some excellent burgers & sausages. Nancy was in full command about the house ordering around everyone in a manner sure to bring a smile from her equally bossy sister Laurie.

Niece Jaclyn debuted a new Beau and he seemed nice - even following a merciless grilling that he withstood from me. I informed him that, for no reason at all he is on a 6 month probationary period where even the slightest misstep bars him from any further contact with my niece. He gulped and said he would comply.

Brettie boy brought along lovely new friend Kaitlyn and Bryan brought cutie girlfriend Sabrina. Bry and Sabrina look like quite the serious couple. Sabrina even disclosed that she cares NOT about Bryans rapidly thinning hairline - nor is she concerned that his head is a perfect square. They look quite smitten, these two. This could be serious.

Brad and babe Tina also were in attendance, although I believe that Brad was irritating her, which is not allowed. He is being influenced by his rascal brother Ben.

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Picture upper left is the Perryman family with a picture below of the Johnson boys with their various dates. Agreat time was held by all!

Thanks Randy & nancy for a great day and Happy Birthday Ryan!