On a special Maundy Thursday,

Godson Tyler Made His first Communion

Tyler, 10 is the son of sister Nancy and bro-in-law Randy.   He is the youngest of their brood of 3 and made his Communion at Prince Of Peace church in Palatine. He looked very handsome and reverent in a nice blue suit and was very humble and respectful of his new gift of the sacrament. 

All were quite proud.  Joining Tyler were his Aunt's & Uncles and families all rejoicing in his actions of faith.  Aunt Laurie, Jeff & Allison were there.  Uncle Jean & Steven were there as well.   Grandmother Perryman and Godmother Debby were looking on so happily.  Aunty Kathy, Brett, Brad and Godfather Rick also watched with pride.

Click here for all the pictures on the evening

Following the service we were hosted by Nancy and Randy at their home with some Cheese Cake and coffee while Tyler opened a few gifts that he received.  Babe daughter Jaclyn modeled her new Prom Dress and looked absoluetly stunning.  After her Aunt's & Uncles recovered from how beautiful she looked, we quickly suggested areas of coverup and strategic tape application needed to keep everything just so.

Picture to the left is of Tyler after the service with picture below of his family at the altar.

Tyler, you have been chosen by god for

A life of faith in Christ!