On a crisp October 21 evening, under an orange Harvest Moon, Ben's Coed Softball Team Won

The League Championship

under the lights at the Vernon Hills Softball Complex.

Not having seen any of Ben's games this year, I was keen to see one and I couldn't have picked a better evening.

They had a closing night Double Header which required victories in both games to secure the Championship.

Their 1st game they won rather easily, in fact I think the slaughter rule was invoked calling an early end to the massacre.

Picture up top was of the team following the easy win as they celebrated before girding up for the Championship game which was to follow immediately.

In that Championship game, they quickly jumped out to a 2-0 lead and kept it that way. However in the 5th inning their opponents tied it up and appeared to have wrestled away the momentum from our heroes. However as quick as you could say "Ben, You want another Cold One?" they pounded out 3 more runs and cut the heart out of the invaders rather decisively.

Check out the lineup of these champions below

Highlight of the Championship game was the play by the Women on the team. They were stellar. Of particular note was Kim's 2 snags deep in Right Field that if she hadn't caught them would have turned the game round the other way.

In the bottom of the 7th, their opponents put their leadoff man on first. Next batter up hit an infield grounder which Ben's team turned into a ripping Double Play. Heartless and with no hope the next batter tapped weakly to pitcher Sean who lobbed t to Mary Grace on first for the Championship Putout.

Video below is of the Handshakes after each win.

Congratulations and well done!