Celebrating David & Pat Block's

50th Anniversary!

On a cool summer June 29th evening at the lovely Prairie Fire Restaurant in Champaign, Illinois, I was honoured to be invited to this surprise party marking their 50 years of marriage.

David & Pat Block are the parents of Breeders Cup Trainer Chris Block, our fine conditioner for our Red Rabbit Racing Family Stable consisting of a single Racehorse.

Over the years Kathy & I have grown close to the family as they are first rate in every way. Kathy couldn't accompany me as she attended our niece Jaclyn's Graduation party. So my date for the evening was none other than Trainer Neil Pessin and together we motored down to Champaign to attend the event.

I employed Trainer Pessin to take some video of the surprised couple and that can be found at the bottom of this page. No Trainer Pessin doesn't have Parkinsons, he just can't hold a video camera steady and talk at the same time.

A crowd of over 60 people were at the party and enjoyed a delicious buffet that left no one hungry. Sadie & Darrell Rabbit (Brommer) were there along with Tom Fedro and his lovely wife along with a gaggle of family, business assocciates, friends and the like.

Picture left is of the Happy Couple surprised by the party thrown in their honor. Picture to the right is of their grandson David Block, son of Chris & Linda, with his lovely girlfriend Vanessa, overshadowed by the classic poster of David's Grandparents doing "The Twist" way back in 1963.

Picture all the way on the bottom is a family photo of David & Pat with their 3 children, Chris, Ryan & Dena, going left to right.

You know there are some people that come along in your life that you just feel honored to be friends with. Dave & Pat Block are 2 of them. They are titans in the Horse Racing industry but couldn't be kinder or gracious to those who are barely know what they are doing - like RRR. They have always been friendly, encouraging, and just plain genuine.

Congratulations Dave & Pat Block on your milestone anniversary.

May the next 50 years be filled with the same love, joy health and Fast Horses as the 1st 50 were.