Unbelievably, our baby, Bradley Robert Kennedy Eisenhower Johnson

Turned 21!

That's right, this past June 6th, the little shaver reached the age of majority. Picture to the right is of Bradley and lovely girlfriend Tina, with a shot of the Johnson men directly beneath. Both shots were taken in Kathy's back garden.

Along with myself, brothers Bryan & Ben, we met Brad for lunch at world famous Brandt's Little Cafe in Palatine where he was bought his 1st legal Cold One by the bartender there. Bartender asked him what he wanted and Brad enquired what the BarKeep had on tap. Hmmm...Almost like he had done that before. Bradely selected a Stella Artois, (Wife Beater Beer as it is known in the UK)

Video below is of that special moment.....

That evening, we had the whole family over including Brad's girlfriend Tina and Brett's girlfriend Mary. Over a Lou Malnati's pizzafest we filmed a look back at Bradley's first 21 years and that can be seen below. It was like pulling teeth to get any great stories, but we finally got there.

Really a nice birthday.

I had kidded Brad, that while everyone remembers their 21st birthday, no one remembers the day after their 21st Birthday or 21 + 1.

Well that won't be true from Brad as we hit the Trifecta for the 1st time for a little over a hundred bucks. Picture below is of us flashing those TriFecta bucks.....

Brad, Youv'e Made us proud every day of your life.

We love you so much.