On a snowy, cold, January evening, it was off to

Bryan & Sabrina's Engagement Party

Hosted at the Orland Park home of Sabrina's parents,Tony & Sue, over 30 people came by and celebrated the recent engagement of the happy couple. Endless & appetizing hors d'oeuvres were served and many thanks go to Sue & Tony for all the work they did throwing such a nice party. One of the things Kathy & I remarked on our way home is what a nice family Sabrina comes from - with a great set of family friends.

At the party, the prize appointments of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen were awarded, with more than a few tears shed in happiness. The honor of being Bryan's Best Man went to his very excited brother Ben, who says he has already started creating an unforgettable Bridal toast. Sabrina named a Matron and Maid of Honor which went to an ecstatic Katy and Alicia respectively.

Following that the betrothed couple opened a number of gifts that included their first piece of Houseware equipment, other sparkly trinkets, with even a bottle of Dom Perignon in the mix as well.

Picture left is of the happy couple at the start of the party. Pictures lower right are of Sabrina with her Bridesmaids (however tis missing expectant Mom Sarah, who was thought to be possibly giving birth, but instead made a dramatic appearance at the party after the Bridesmaid snap was taken. She still awaits her date with the stork). Underneath that are Bryan's Groomsmen followed by snap of Bryan & Sabrina flanked by their very proud parents. Check out vido all the way on the bottom of Sabrina with her Bridesmaids.

Though no date has been officially set, they are looking for a date between Christmas and New Years 2013.


Thanks again to Tony & Sue for all the work you did.


Congratulations to Bryan & Sabrina as you have so much to look Forward to!