Just 2 days before Bryan and Sabrina are to be married, we celebrated

A Lovely Christmas!

Christmas morn had us open gifts as we traditionally do. Kathy and I had pledged to forgo gifts to each other as we had a wedding to help pay for.

However, Kathy ignored her promise and got me a few gifts that were spectacular. I felt pretty rotten as I gave her NOTHING. Followed the agreement - but a bad, rotten husband.

The present I most loved was a red Bullhorn for use in the Rabbit Hutch at Arlington Park this coming summer. Picture upper left is me using the Bullhorn to announce each Christmas present at Jean's house later in the day. She also gave me some field glasses to spot the ponies anywhere on the track, along with a great new book on Teddy Roosevelt. I love my Kathy.

We were honored to have Sabrina join us this Christmas morning and hope that this tradition continues for decades to come.

Later in the day we went to Jean's for a fabulous Brunch bringing together the Johnson side of the family. All the cousins were together, including John Gallo on leave from USAF, and we had not only a great feast, but an exhaustive 3 hour gift opening session following. All the girlfriends of the Johnson Boys were present - Bryan's Sabrina, Brett's Mary & Brad's Tina. (No current girl for that rascal Ben) Mom was in town from Sarasota, making it a joyous memorable Christmas.

Jeanie laid on a Great Brunch and before we knew it hours had flown by. Video below is from Christmas Morn Present opening...

Merry Christmas!

Chirst Is Born!

Opening Gifts On Christmas Morning