In a frantic week which will culminate in the wedding our our first born, we paused to celebrate

Christmas Eve

with our beloved family.

Accompanied by a beautiful light snowfall, we followed our years long tradition of spending it with Kathy's side of the family at the home of her brother Jay & wife Val.

All the cousins were there and it was amazing to see how they have all grown over the years. While the old folks chatted, the cousins scampered to the lounge for a rousing game of Clue, won by the prospective Bridegroom, Bryan.

Lovely Niece Kelsey, daughter of Kathy's brother Gary and wife Jan, brought along new beau Mike. Young Michael was grilled by many of the family members, ascertaining his intentions towards our Kelsey. On the plus side of the ledger, he shows a good Christian faith and appeared very chivalrous & attentive towards our lovely niece.

However, many, many questions still loom, so he was placed on a full 18 months probation. During this time he must demonstrate all his skills as a gentleman, while placing Kelsey first in all matters, including deferring to her even when she might be in error.

A crucial time lies just ahead where our Kelsey will be studying abroad, whereupon we will watch young Mike like a hawk, ensuring that he is properly mourning their separation.

Only one suitor has ever survived a Family Probationary period and that is young Lane shown upper right, who's attention to detail and rigorous devotion to the terms of his own Probation resulted in the promise of our Jameson's hand in marriage.

The odds are stacked against Mike, but the potental rewards are beyond anything he has ever dreamed

Following our time at Jay & Val's it was off for a quick visit to Barb & Randy's. As we arrived, favourite Aunty Joyce was just leaving, but most others were still there. My Mom, in town for the wedding was there along with Jean & useless husband Steve.

While there Sisters Kathy & Jean took a photo with their 2 youngest, shown left.

Nephew John, US Air Force aviator was home on leave and it was great to see him.

After we visited, we thanked Barb & Randy for their hospitality and headed over to church for the Midnight Christmas Service. It was lovely.

On our way home, just after midnight, Brad, Ben & I stole into Memory Gardens Cemetary and tried to find Pop's & Uncle Russ' gravesite through 3 inches of frozen snow. We were unable to defrost the exact headstone, but we paused and thanked God for the Christchild and the other blessings of Family that we have so richly been bestowed with.

A beautiful start to Christmas Day