On a beautiful June 22nd, we attended the wedding of

Henry & Jessica

Well actually we did more than attend the wedding. Truth be told, Rick actually officiated at the civil ceremony at the request of the Happy Couple. The wedding and reception were held at the Lehmann Mansion in Lake Villa, IL. The ceremony was in their outdoor garden with the reception being in a beautiful permanent Draped Tent attached to the Mansion. It was lovely.

Henry & son Bryan have been great friends since grade school and Bryan was honoured to be Henry's Best Man. Coincidentally, this day was also the 28th wedding anniversary of Kathy & I, having been married way back in 1985.

The event was a mix of mulitple ethnic traditions starting with the couple being married under a 'Chuppa' - a structure originating in the Jewish tradition. The color theme was Orange (I believe as husband & wife are University of Illinois alums), so all the Groomsmen had orange ties along with their orange socks.

It was a warm and VERY humid early evening when the ceremony began. I had practiced the ceremony a number of times, but alas, no one had to wait long for my first mistake, when I neglected to have everyone sit after they arose during the Bride's procession. However, after letting than stand for a minute or two, I finally recognized that they were still standing and sheepishly mentioned that they could "Be Seated".

The good news is that was my only error as we went throught the rest of the 20 minute ceremony without incident. I had to laugh as I was sweating in buckets. I looked at the groom, and he was perspiring almost as hard. However, a look at Jessica and this girl looked magnificent with nary a bead of perspiration present. In fact she even looked cool - this Ice Princess. She was gorgeous.

At the reception, Bryan did very well with his Best Man's speech. He faced an uphill challenge as the speech immediately before was given by Jessica's younger sister, complete with poem. But Bryan came through like a champion. Bryan's lovely fiance Sabrina was there and together we had a wonderful time.

Picture upper left is of the Happy couple taken at the reception. Picture right is a new favourite that Kathy took of Bryan and I after the reception. Picture all the way down is a great photo montage - one of which shows 3 couples all whose Wedding Anniversary is June 22nd.

Congratulations and Much love to you both as you start married life together....