With joy & pride tinged with a bit of sadness, it was time for a party to mark

Jaclyn Going To University

Jaclyn is eldest child of my sister Nancy & husband Randy making her niece to my Kathy & I. She is headed off in a few days to the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY where she certainly will be the smartest and prettiest college freshman nationwide.

The Gallos gave Jaclyn a bagfull of junk food to stash away in her dorm room, while Kathy gave her a frame containing the iconic picture of our extended family perched in the Arlington Park Starting Gate with General Charley pounding out at a gallop. Picture directly right is of Jaclyn tearing into her junk food stash.

Click here for the pictures of the party

Click here for snaps taken earlier in the day with Workin For Hops

Pictures below are of the Cousins posing, with one beneath that of the entire family. All the way on the bottom is the large photo Kathy gave Jaclyn of the entire Johnson side of the family.

We met at Perryman family favourite Gator's Wing Shack in Palatine for dinner. Over the course of the evening there were a few gifts, a few speeches and a lot of hugs & kisses. Scott Gallo was in town with new friend Neena. She seemed to enjoy herself, what with being instantly submerged within our family.

After dinner, Godmother Laurie Gregorio rose and spoke for the family of how proud they were of Jaclyn and how we all wish her well at school. Following, elder cousin Ben rose and wished Jaclyn well, as he spoke for all the cousins. Proud Dad Randy then stood and said he wanted to say only 3 words and those words were:

"Boys Are Bad!"



Jaclyn, Go With God

We love you and are Oh so proud of you!