With happiness & joy, Kathy and I welcomed the glad tidings that our beloved niece

Jameson is engaged!

Jameson is the daughter of Kathy's oldest brother Jay and wife Valerie. She has the been the apple of our eyes since she was a toddler. Smart, funny, artistic, graceful & gorgeous are just a few of the adjectives that describe this beauty.

The girl cooks like Martha Stewart, wields a camera better than Annie Leibovitz, shames Donatella Versace in Clothes Making, is an accomplished Harpist, Ginger Bread House Builder & Baton Tosser.

Best of all, she has an abiding, firm Christian faith that both she and her beloved Lane Share.

Had she been born in England, Kate would be driving a taxi in East London while Jameson would have just delivered the future King of England. She would've named the royal baby Richard after her favourite Uncle.

Her boyfriend, now fiancee, Lane is a wonderful young man that we've known since she first brought him round years ago. Back when we first met Lane, Kathy pulled me aside and told me to shake the boy up a bit and make sure that he understood the responsibilities of dating this Batz family jewel.

So I roughed him up a bit, threatened him, put him on probation for a couple years, while vaguely referring to underworld connections that I'd call upon if need be, etc. Sweating, he gulped and stayed in line the entire courtship. And now these 2 lovebirds will marry.

Lane, you have no idea how lucky you are

You won the PowerBall Lotto without Ever buying a ticket!

Have a few pictures below of Jameson & Lane throughout their courtship. I challenge anyone to look at any picture and be unable to describe our niece as breathtaking.

Congratulations to you both.

God bless your engagement and your life together

All our love Aunt Kathy & Uncle Rick