Time to celebrate the 80th birthday of our beloved

Aunty Joyce!

Hosted by Joyce's daughter Sue at their home in Deer Park, the family got together to celebrate Aunty's milestone birthday. The party was set for the 27th of October, a couple days shy of Aunty's real birthday, but happened to be directly on Princess Kathy's birthday.

The family turned out in force with Aunty's daughters Diane, Sue & Barb attending along with their families.

Aunty's Grandchildren and Great-Grandhildren abounded, all excited to share Aunty's big day.

My sisters Laurie, Jean & Nancy and many of their kids were present, along with Aunts Marilyn & Betty and Aunty Joyce's brother, the Reverend Uncle Wally. The General, Jimmy Jim Jim Polk was also there making it a joyous crowded family picture as seen below.

A word about our Aunt Joyce. I don't know of a single person who has met her that doesn't love her. She is kind, warm, caring with everyone. She has been a tremendous Christian example to me and has been my favourite Aunt my entire life.

She has faced the times in her life - both Good & Bad - with a Grace and a Faith that is inspiring.

A nicer person Kathy & I do not know.

On this your 80th birthday Aunty, we send you our Love and wishes for continued Health & Happiness.

God bless you!

Aunty Blows Out The candles on her cake!