On a chilly July 27th, we were invited to

Sabrina's Pool Party

Lovely Sabina, fiancee to our own Bryan, was kind enough to invite us and our extended family to her parents home in Orland Park for a Pool Party. Sabrina's parents, Sue & Tony went to enormous trouble to host the event. Tony had smoked some beans in his smoker and there were sandwiches and treats for all.

The day turned up a bit chilly - though both Bryan & Ben braved the pool and found that the water was warmer than the outside temperature. From our family, Kathy & I along with Ben attended with sister Jean, Nancy and lovely daughter Jaclyn stopping by too. I am still learning all the relations on Sabrina's side, but there were many attending as well, including Sabrina's brother Anthony who was home from University.

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Finally many friends of Bryan & Sabrina were there, some recently married, a couple that have become new parents and some like Ben who are playing the field. The keg was a great meeting area for all these youngsters and many were expected to stay overnight to ensure no unsafe driving home.

Picture up top is of lovely Sabrina with her brother Anthony and picture below is of many of the partygoers round the outdoor picnic table.

Thanks to Sabrina, Sue & Tony for a great afternoon!