On a beautiful July 6th, it was once again time to meet in El Paso, IL for the annual

Family Reunion!

That's right Peggy & Bob Lenz hosted again this meeting of the family at their Riverwoods Farm. This year saw fewer attendees than usual as this summer has been busy for so many of us. But for those that could get away it was a great weekend to catch up with those people we hold most dear - our family.

From my side, I along with Ben, Brad & his girlfriend Tina made the trip. Kathy, still on the mend from her surgery last month, didn't relish a 2.5 hour car trip - so she didn't make it. Brett was working and Bry & Fiancee Sabrina headed elsewhere for a previously scheduled event.

Even though it was great to see all the relations, I could barely contain myself in anticipation of seeing the Great Champion, General Charley, now in full command at Peg's farm. He looks absolutlely regal - even noble - as he saunters around the grounds. He appears quite content and looks marvelous.

As you see from the picture above, everyone had a great time. The burgers, dogs & chicken was excellent, (see short Video snippet saluting Chef Alan Upchurch), there were scrumptious side dishes and a desert table that was superb.

Click here for the days pictures

Picture all the way up is Peg, Aly & Jean vying for the attention of the 2010 AP Meet Champion. Picture montage directly below is of some of the guests and all the way down are 3 short Video snippets to remember the day.

Thanks Bob & Peg for hosting this awful bunch yet again.

Some Video of the Champion


Three Cheers For Grill Chef Alan Upchurch