On our 30th Thanksgiving together

Kathy & I celebrated with her brother Jay's family and a few of our own.

This Thanksgiving was a relatively small affair compared to years past, but still so very enjoyable.

Our Bryan & Sabrina were missing as they were at her parents home. Brett & Mary shuffled back and forth from our house to her parents. We were overjoyed that our nephew John Gallo, at home from US Air Force Flying School joined us as well - though he misssed the picture.

It was also brother Jay's Birthday so we celebrated that milestone.

Kathy laid on a feast that was tremendous and it was a great time to get caught up with everyone's goings on. Jameson & Lane were talking about their home they are purchasing, Jayson declined to provide me a full Downtown Babes report (as usual), while Tina stopped by after dinner to be with Brad.

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We watched most of the 3 football games, took some pictures and then had dessert.

After singing Jay Happy Birthday, we just settled back and talked for a couple hours.

'Twas great fun.

Thanks to Kathy & Val and Jameson for all they did in putting on this feast.

We do have so much to be Thankful for......