All I can say is,

Oh, What a party!

The wedding reception for Bryan & Sabrina was held at the Holiday Inn, Rolling Meadows. In fact, it was in the same room that Kathy & I had our wedding reception back in 1985.

Ours was fun. Theirs was alot more fun.

Over 200 people were in attendance and ready to party. It was raucous. It was wild. It was so good, our Pastor Ben and babe wife Rachel had to be pried off the dance floor at closing time.

The cousins were the hit of the party! Oh, those cousins!

We started in the Tiki Hut area of the Hotel where drinks and appetizers were served. After an hour or so, we walked down the hallway to the beautiful Ballroom all trimmed in White, Blue & Silver. A two tiered table awaited the 23 member Bridal Party. After everyone was seated, the Bridal Procession began.

First order of the day were the cutting of the cake, then speeches, followed by dinner, dessert, and the 1st dances of Bryan & Sabrina, Sabrina & her father Tony, & Bryan and Kathy.

Then the dance floor was opened to the masses and happy chaos ensued. The Bouquet was launched followed by the Garter. Who caught them you wonder? None other than 3rd son Brett & his girlfriend Mary. Holy Cow!

Video of even more reception dancing can be found at the bottom of the page.

I think by any measure, the wildest dancer of the night had to be youngest son Bradley. We thought Ben would be the wild one - and he was. But Bradley - WOW! No one saw that coming, I wonder if he is actually attending class at NIU or hanging out at some dance bars?

Jeff Johnson was seen launching a shoe on the dance floor, in the grand tradition of his father Bobby. The DJ did a great job making sure there was a mix of current stuff along with music from the 60's & 70's.

Even the great Champion General Charley phoned in a song request from his stall cell phone at Riverwoods Farm in El Paso, IL. The General ordered the DJ to play his Theme Song - Bruce Springsteen's "Born To Run". The dance floor was mobbed.... What a night...

Many of the guests stayed over that evening so the party continued into the wee hours of the morning. Bryan & Sabrina had a 12 noon flight the next day for a weeklong honeymoon cruise out of Miami. They arrived at the airport in the nick of time and badly in need of sleep.

Bryan & Sabrina,

you've set the standard by which all of your generation's weddings will be measured.

It was great!

Tiki Bar and the Ballroom


Bridal Procession & Cutting The cake


The Dance Floor is open!