Been a while since I squired Kathy down to the City for a Real Date, so it was off to the City Winery on West Randolph to see

The Bangles!

I'd been sweet on Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles since the early 80's, so when the tickets came up at this small club to see them, I jumped on them.

Feeling that Kathy has not treated me with the same gratitude as when we were first married, I felt that if Susanna showed a little interest in me, perhaps Kathy would fight for her man. Alas, Kathy was fully prepared to give me away and Susanna cared even less for me than Kathy does.

But we had a great night, sampling a few wines and enjoying some Oh so eclectic side dishes.

We had seats just to the side of the stage on Susanna's side, though right in front of us were 6 unescourted men, panting like Great Danes, all vying for Susanna's attention along with me. At least I had a trophy wife on my arm - you losers! This crew couldn't scare up a date even if they were guards at a women's jail.

Click here for all the pictures

Picture upper left is a selfie of me and my better half enjoying the City Winery Garden before the show. We were the 1st to arrive.

Picture right is my would-be girlfriend Susanna, today along with the picture of her back in the 80's that first captured my fancy during Reagan's 1st term.

All the way on the bottom is some video of the Bangles singing one of their big hits, Eternal Flame.

We had a great time in the City and though kathy could have got a better date, I Know we Both had fun!