Celebrating Bobby Moran's 60th Birthday

On Saturday Jun, 28th Kathy & I were honored to be invited to Bobby's low-key 60th birthday party at their home in Arlington Heights. Most of Emon & Gail kids and children were there and we all enjoyed a family night of dinner, dessert and great stories.

Gail & Kathy chatted like they hadn't seen each other in 20 years. I watched in amazement how busy the house was with all the comings and goings of their Grandkids.

For his birthday, I made Bobby a photo collection of all the famous Golfers he has played with over the years. From the Bear, to the Shark to the Walrus, it's been a great adventure. See them below....

Great picture upper left is Bobby with some of his Grandaughters settling in to watch a movie. As you can see the girls love their Grandpa.

It has been a true blessing to our family to be part of the Moran's. It's never dull, always fun and you won't find a better family on the face of the Earth.

Happy Birthday My Buddy!