How about this Kid? On a foggy, grey afternoon, our

Bradley Graduated From University!

That's right our youngest boy graduated from DeKalb's Northern Illinois University with a Bachelors Degree in Physical Therapy from their School Of Health & Human Sciences. And, if you can believe this, he didn't even know he graduated

Magna Cum Laude!

Unbelievable. Sunday, December 14th, 2014. Kathy, I, Ben, Brett, Brad & his babefriend Tina squeeze into the van for the 90 minute ride to NIU. Tears of joy were already flowing, even though a chill went through the car when Bradley failed to properly acknowledge Tina's efforts for the lovely, Hand Made Card that she painstakingly created for him. So to ease her irritation, we constructed a custom 12 Days Of Christmas song expressly for her - the lyrics can be seen all the way at the bottom of the page. The mood in the car noticeably brightened.

We arrive at NIU's Convocation Center an hour before the 2pm ceremony. Brad bids his farewell so he can fetch his Cap & Gown and says he will stop by to see us before the beginning of the ceremony - so we hang in the foyer. Kathy ambles over to us clutching about 15 Commencement Programs she stole and opens one to see our Bradley's name in print.

You see, I don't buy that they graduated until I see their name IN THE OFFICIAL PROGRAM! Well, sure enough "Bradley R Johnson" is listed right where it should be - but then Kathy spots that he's also listed as one of the very few who graduated with Honors, specifically

Magna Cum laude! - And the boy didn't even know it!

No Johnson that I'm aware of, and certainly none that sprung from my Loins, were ever remotely qualified to corrall Magna Cum Laude Honors. Hell, we lied about it sure - but never actually attained it. I mean producing a report card with a "C" average was cause for wild, weeks long rioting amongst me and our bunch. But not for MCL (Bradley's new nickname)! This boy worked & studied & worked & studied and showed us all how it's done.

After the tumultous ceremony we posed for pictures and decided to go to Fatty's on Lincoln Highway one last time for a celebration dinner. The food was surprisingly bland - but nothing could ruin our day.

On the way home, we stopped at the Aurora Discount Shops so Her Highness could buy her 102nd purse that she'll never use from the Coach store. Then it was home to enjoy and ponder what had been a great day in Modern Day Johnson history.

God Bless you bradley

Congratulations on a fine achievement

And Now it's on to Grad School!



The 12 Days Of Chrismas

As sung by Kathy, the boys & I to Tina. in an attempt to brighten her spirits....

On the first day of Christmas, Tina gave to Brad

A lovely hand made Graduation Card

On the Second day of Christmas, Tina Gave To Brad,

2 tender kisses

On the third day of Christmas, Tina Gave To Brad,

3 little hugs

On the fourth day of Christmas, Tina Gave To Brad,

4 death stares

On the fifth day of Christmas, Tina Gave To Brad,

5 joe snaps

On the sixth day of Christmas, Tina Gave To Brad,

6 Knuckle Sandwiches

On the seventh day of Christmas, Tina Gave To Brad,

7 swift kicks

On the eighth day of Christmas, Tina Gave To Brad,

8 wet willies

On the ninth day of Christmas, Tina Gave To Brad,

9 smart remarks

On the tenth day of Christmas, Tina Gave To Brad,

10 General Charleys

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Tina Gave To Brad,

11 geese on the road

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Tina Gave To Brad,

12 Spunky Dunker Donuts