With Happiness, Love and Thanks for the Blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ, we are excited to note that

Bryan & Sabrina Are Expecting!

The world was told this night Sunday July 27, in Bryan & Sabrina's Facebook announcement featuring the picture to the left.

We had known for a while now as Bryan & Sabrina had Skyped us to give us the great news when we were last in Florida a few weeks ago.

But it was to be kept a surprise - and as difficult as that was for Kathy, we largely kept their secret. Largely - not Totally. Kathy & Sabrina's Mom Sue accompanied Sabrina to her 1st Ultrasound. Can you imagine the tears of joy at that event by these 3?

I'm told that little Dawter Sabrina has had a bout or two with Morning Sickness, but I am sure that our Sponge Bry Square Head son has been very supportive.

Sabrina is not due until mid February - at which time Sabrina will forget all about Bryan as she focuses on the new baby for the next 2 decades or so.

Bryan I warned you - You are needed only until they have a child. Then you're cast aside like the newspaper on the bottom of a Bird Cage.

So enjoy the few remaining months, because things are going to dramatically change for you pretty quick.

We are overjoyed with your news!

God Bless you both!