Capping a busy July 4th weekend, it was off to Kathy's brother Gary and Jan's home to celebrate their son

Corey's Graduation!

On a sun drenched afternoon at their home we congratulated Corey as he heads to High School, while also heartily welcoming home his older sister Kelsey - who just returned after a few months schooling in Australia.

Jan's relations, the Zamzow's and the Lalowski's turned out in full force with family patriarch Bill brandishing a new Beau on his arm! Bill you rascal, you!

Kelsey and boyfriend Mike were reunited, with thankful Mike feeling like he dodged a bullet that some Aussie surfer hadn't absconded with his Babe girlfriend whilst she was abroad. He seems quite the nice young man - now more than halfway through his standard probation period as he dates our lovely niece.

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Corey had several friends accompany him, including a couple lady friends.... Hmmmm. Must take after his Mom, cuz his Dad was a clumsy geek with the Ladies well into his 20's until Jan took pity on him and married him.....

Portillo's finest was served for lunch and an Ice Cream Cake from DQ lasted but a couple moments before it was gone as well.

Was sure great to see Corey & Kelsey and we are so proud of Your accomplishments.

Love to you Both!