On a rainy, wet and steamy Friday evening, Kathy & I went to her brother Jay's home for

Lane & Jameson's Wedding Rehearsal!

Our cutie neice Jameson, and her longtime beau Lane,were slated to marry the very next day. I had the honor of conducting the ceremony for the Lovebirds and we gathered together to run through the ceremony so it would be just perfect on the morrow.

The wedding was going to be a storybook affair held in the backyard, which had been transformed into an intimate outdoor garden, where you almost expected to see naked wood nymphs frolicking amongst the trees. It looked idyllic.

However, because of the heavy rains, we did not want to trample on the backyard grass before the wedding, so we conducted the rehearsal in the cul-de-sac just down the street from Jay & Val's house.

We did the run thru twice and ironed out all the little details so everyone felt confident we knew what to do on the big day.

Following, it was off to Lane's parents home in Fox River Grove, for a Western-themed Hoedown in their backyard under a tent with twinkling lights.

Picture right is the Coosome Twosome showing not a trace of anxiety or nervousness as their Big Day loomed. Picture left is on the street, trying to get Jay to ACTUALLY give away hs daughter. He seemed slow, distracted and a bit reluctant to do so.

Note To our Son Ben...

Benjamin was honored to be in the wedding party, and a couple years ago, someone had remarked to me that Ben and Lane's sister Camille might make a striking couple. So when I finally met lovely Camille that night, I tried to advance that notion til I was informed that in the interim 2 years Camille had sprouted a boyfriend!

BUT.... Upon further review, I think that Maid of Honor Natalie could be the match for our Ben. Take a look at this babe, shown above in the Red dress/boots standing next to me on the tarmac. I wanted to ask Jameson, "Where have you been hiding this little muffin?" Gorgeous, playful, engaging and looks to be a perfect catch. Come On Ben - get moving here - she is LOVELY!

At the dinner, beautiful Jameson had presents for the Wedding Party, while Lane had a special gift for his sweetheart - a beautiful necklace - or maybe a bracelet - or maybe earrings. Hell I don't know, but Jameson loved it. Well done Lane, you could teach us old married roosters a few tricks I think.

Pork sandwiches, Salads, Pies of every type, Ciders, Moonshine, Taffy Apples and plenty of Pabst Blue Ribbon left us comfortable and looking forward to Wedding Day.

The Nenn's put on a great party for all, creating a perfect segue to the big event a scant 19 hours later.....