Under a sun drenched canopy of blue sky surrounded by flowers, family & friends

Lane & Jameson Were Married!

On Saturday Sept 6th at precisely 4:15 in the afternoon, our neice, Jameson Batz, was joined in Holy Matrimony to her 1st and only love of her life, Lane Nenn.

The nuptials occurred in the back yard of her parents, Jay & Val Batz at their residence in Barrington. Over 140 guests were in attendance, all buzzing with how beautiful Jameson looked.

I was proud to have officiated the ceremony for them - and I must say it went off pretty well with nary a hitch, other than our Lane fumbling Jameson's wedding ring. However, he instantly recovered his own fumble and deftly slipped it on Jameson's hand as the throng chortled their approval. Four Bridesmaids and Groomsmen accompanied Lane & Jameson, with son Ben honored to be amongst them chosen.

Bryan & Sabrina, pregnant with their first child, were present, having flown in from Boston. Brett & Mary were there too, along with Brad & Tina. Family & Friends of Jay & Val's were all there and it was fun to catch up with them all. Kathy is shown directly left with her 2 brothers Jay & Gary.

The reception was held in the Backyard under a tent guarding a dance floor on quite a bit of a slope, that looked like a lawsuit waiting to happen. But alas, up until the time we left, no one had yet taken a header - probably because the floor was too crowded with dancers to produce a stumbler.

Later in the evening we were starting to think about making a move to go home. But, we couldn't find Ben? Turns out he was texting us on the side of the house informing us that during one of his wilder Dance moves he had split his trousers wide open! So, yes,it was time to go!

Side note....

The day was all Lane & Jameson's, but it also was the 1st race for our new 2 year old, In The Chamber, scheduled to run at AP in the 10th at 5:35PM.

Now, I was fully prepared to miss the race, but as I'm going through the ceremony - Readings, Message, Vows - Pronounced them Husband & Wife, & am following the now married Bride & Groom back up the aisle. A quick glance at my watch shows that if I just keep walking, I can make Arlington Park with about 10 minutes to spare before the race.

So you guessed it, I kissed Jameson, wrung Lane's hand and as they bicycled off to get some pictures, I bolted right for the car and took off for the Racetrack. I knew Kathy would be furious - but hey I did my part - THEY WERE MARRIED WEREN'T THEY?!

Well, In the Chamber, if you can believe it - strolls home in front winning a $45,000 purse! He even survives an Objection (thank you Chief Steward Eddie Arroyo) that takes another 15 minutes to adjudicate. After they take the picture, I hotfoot it back to the reception, clutching the Winners Circle photo and slid right in line for the Buffet like I had never been gone.

Princess Kathy was spitting tacks as she glared at me with bared teeth, but who cares - we had a winner! Fabulous!

Video's below begin with the tearful first dance of Jameson and her father Jay. 2nd video is of a mobbed dance floor gyrating to the Beatles Twist 'n Shout, where if you listen closely you can hear one of Granny's 80 year old China Plates bite the dust as it hits the turf.

The last video has that rascal Lane removing the garter from his bride. As you can see quite the party.

Jameson Dancing With Her father

Dance Floor Mobbed

Lane Retrieves The garter

Lane & Jameson

A day you will never forget

God bless you both