With half of 2014 gone, we paused to celebrate

Independence Day.

Oh, it was a busy weekend that started with the rekindling of that most famous Johnson Family tradition of meeting on July 4th morning for Breakfast In The Woods. This had been a long standing tradition of our parents and Grandparents that we had stopped doing and "Shame On Us!". My 3 sisters and their family's joined me, Ben & Brad (Princess Kathy was ailing and took a pass).

We went to Deer Grove and over a couple hours just reveled in the woods while we shared Breakfast amongst ourselves. We found the very tree that Steve Gallo had lit a monstrous belt of Firecrackers on back in 1986, so Jeff did the same a mere 28 years later. Check out Video of the blast below.

On the afternoon of the 4th we took in racing at Arlington Park and stayed for their monstrous fireworks show following the race card.

But as always the highlight of the festivities was the Annual Family Reunion hosted by Bob & Peggy Lenz (pictured upper right) at world renowned Riverwoods Farm in El Paso, Illinois - current home to the Great Champion General Charley and future home of the Red Rabbit Racing Racing Hall of Champions Horse Park, where Charley will be the main attraction.


Including dogs, there were 40 in attendance and the persistent drizzle all afternoon did nothing to dampen the party. The Great General Charley was visited by many of the partygoers and stuffed with over 4 pounds of carrots. He looks magnificent as he reigns supreme over the farm.

In a tasty twist, Peg changed the menu to feature Pulled Pork sandwiches which everyone gobbled up. The side dishes were numerous and extra tasty and the entire meal was as good as any feed we have enjoyed over the 20+ years Bob & Peg have hosted this summertime party. Stories were recounted, departed family members remembered, all to the sound of competitive matches on the Ping Pong Table.

We are a family that is so very blessed!

Thanks again to Bob & Peg for a great time & climax to a wild Weekend!


How about this photo?

Johnson Family Breakfast In The Woods - 1976