After years of Kathy's incessant nagging, we finally broke down and bought Her Highness her very own

Princess Penthouse!

Located on Siesta Key in Sarasota Fl, steps away from world famous Siesta Beach, we bought a 2 bedroom condo at the Harbor Towers Yacht & Racquet Club - in the same building that sisters Jean and Laurie have been in for years. Mom lives just a few miles away on the mainland, so once we get kid sister Nancy out there we will again be all together.

Kathy had spied this 7th floor corner unit on a trip down south earlier this year. Though the building is on the intracoastal, our view looks over Siesta Beach with its lovely sunsets and gorgeous white sandy beach.

Sight unseen to me, we haggled briefly with Norman, the prior owner, but soon settled on a price and closed on Good Friday.

Kathy & I drove down to Florida so she could stay for a few weeks with a car and I flew back after the week, to continue to earn money to pay for this folly. Picture upper left shows the front of the building. The windows of our unit can be seen top floor all the way left. Video below shows the Princess moving her all important treasures into the condo that very first time.

Though alot of inside updating will be needed, I already moved a big 70" TV in there and was glued to the Stanley Cup Playoff for the first few days after we took possession. Second order of business is to tile the whole place, removing the dingy wall to wall carpeting that was in there.

Surprisingly, the Princess & I haven't argued too much over the renovations, but it's still early.

After the winter we had this past year, it was beautiful to see the sun and surf that is Siesta Key.

Thanks be to God for all his blessings - of which this is surely A Big one.

Look forward to all our friends and family visiting!