Early Sunday, April 6th, the Lord mercifully called home to eternal rest his faithful servant

Our General - James Polk

Jim, husband to beloved Aunt Joyce, had been in deteriorating health for years. Under the faithful care of my Aunt Joyce he lived in love and comfort until the Lord ended his earthly suffering in his 87th year.

Jim was a World War II Naval veteran and had met my Aunt after both of them had been widowed in the mid 1970's. Jim was instantly smitten with my Aunty (WHO WOULDN'T?) and made it clear he desired Aunty as his bride, pronto.

One of our family's long told stories is of Jim arriving for perhaps their 3rd date armed with Red Roses and a bottle of wine labeled "Wedding Veil". As a 21 year old protector of my Aunty, I was on my guard as I could see this boy was on a mission of marriage. Alas, her feelings for Jimmie Jim Jim, developing just a tad slower, became as strong as Jim's and they were married in 1977.

Over the year's, Jim and my father became best friends who shared many common interests, including the Civil War, travel and just being together. They both attended Harper College together earning degrees in the early 1990's. Pop gave Jim the moniker "The General" and from that day on - that was what Jim was known as.

Jim's funeral was held at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Palatine. It was a beautiful service that captured not just the sorrow of Jim's passing but the comfort we all felt knowing his suffering was ended. Following the funeral, we proceeded to Memory Gardens in Arlington Heights, where he was laid to rest, complete with emotional Military Honors from a Naval Honor Guard awaiting us at the Gravesite.

Following the graveside committment, Laurie, Mrs Hagemeyer & myself, walked the short hike over to my Dad's, Russ' and Mr Hagemeyer's gravesites where they are buried in adjacent plots. There we laid a carnation from Jim's funeral bouquet on each one of their graves.

After that we went to a late Luncheon at Vince's in Palatine, where Joe Tomczak said a few words of rememberance followed by Scott Gallo explaining the nuances of the Military Honors The General received at Gravesite. Both of them honored Jim with their words.

We will all remember our Jim,

Content that his earthly life was reborn when he married aunty Joyce

While even more joyous that he is in his Heavenly Home with our Lord Jesus Christ

Rest in peace, Jim Polk