Enjoying the first Shindig of the New Year, we got together for a

Super Bowl Party!

On a wintry February 2nd, we had all the boys back home with us and each & every one of them were sporting an actual female companion! And as extra special guests, new daughter Sabrina's parents Sue & Tony came out for the Party as well.

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Picture right shows Brad, with longterm cutie beau Tina. Brett & Mary, fresh from snatching the Bouquet & Garter from the wedding were there. Newlyweds Bryan & Sabrina - still happy as 2 peas in a pod put in an appearance. Finally, our Ben brought forth ladyfriend Brittania to meet the entire family. She weathered it well.

Brad wasn't expected home, but when he heard that he could take the Staff Car back to NIU with him - he hotfooted it home in about 20 minutes to collect the roadster.

Sabrina's mom Sue, along with Kathy & Sabrina, sat down at the kitchen table and caught up on all the meaningless topics women seem to chat incessantly about.

Sabrina's Dad Tony and I got off to a bit of an awkward start, as I was still fuming from him absolutley hammering me in Website statistics. What does that mean? Well internet hits tabulated on rickyjohn.com of people viewing HIS SPEECH at the wedding is beating MY SPEECH by a crippling 3 to 1 ratio. Hell, even the Best Man and Maid & Matron Speech are out-polling me. Devastating.

But after a couple of Cold Ones, that was all water over the dam.

As usual, Kathy laid on a spread that could have fed every Man, Woman and Child actually attending the Super Bowl. So no one was a bit hungry when she had the Nino's pies delivered. Tony & Sue brought some ultra tasty ribs and a Pasta salad that was superb.

Well the game sure stunk but....

We had a great time with the old & the New members of the Family!