Leveraging the vast knowledge she has amassed over 30 years of hosting family festas, our Kathy laid on a

Splendid Thanksgiving Feast!

Hosting 21 freeloaders, Katerina won the day serving a tremendous meal of Traditional Tom Turkey, with all the trimmins'.

Stuffing, Potatoes, Veggies, Pre-Meal Treats, Tasty Beverages all graced this Thanksgiving Table, climaxing with a selection of Pies & a Death By Chocolate Moussey!

I'm ashamed to admit I literally can't think of a single thing I did to help her the entire day!

Partygoers included, Kathy's Brother Jay, awaiting his 58th birthday on the morrow, wife Valerie, Son Jayson (No Babe Report filed as usual), and babe-a-licous daughter Jameson squired by newly shorn husband Lane.

My Sister Laurie, with Jeff and Goddaughter Allison arrived promptly. Sister Nancy, accompanied by Pain In The Ass husband Randy, parked on my lawn! Their children Jaclyn, Ryan, & Godson Tyler all were present along with Ryan's new babefriend Livia, a delight to all the whole afternoon.

Ben, Brett & Brad were home along with Brett's girlfriend, the lovely Mary. Brad's longterm squeeze Tina was in Mexico and we missed her.

Sister Jean and family were not in attendance as they were strictly NOT invited. No, just a chuckle there as they're always welcome - but they were vacationing with Mother Thrun in Sunny Sarasota.

Sadly, we also bitterly missed eldest Bear Cub Bryan, Dawter Sabrina, and unborn Thor, who marked Thanksgiving in their Boston Lovenest, munching some very tasty Turkey Sandwiches.

The day flew by watching the Bears get blown away by the Lions, catching up with all the goings on of the Kids, and munching on an endless supply of goodies. At dinner the entire group serenaded new attendee Livia with the 1st verse and chorus of the Beach Boys "California Girls" as she hails from the Golden State.

We also cut loose with a throaty "Happy Birthday" to Jay as he approaches number 58. Believe me, he looks like every day of the journey so far.

Picture top right is lovely Jameson attacking the Turkeys right leg, while Ben & Jayson compare Babe Acquistion Techniques over a couple of Cold Ones on the left. Below is the entire group posing for Holy Pictures (as my dad would say).

Note: Even the Great General Charley made the picture as you look over Katerina's tasty right shoulder.

Again, thanks to Kathy for a wonderful day and

Thanks to our Lord for all his blessings.