With Bryan & Sabrina in for the week from Boston, both the Moms - Sue Pripusich and Kathy Johnson thought it was time for a

Baby Shower!

A beautiful fall day on November 10 was the setting for the Baby Shower held at the Downers Grove Golf Club.

Sabrina had been in most of the week, but Bryan came in separately just for the weekend.  Over 40 guests came to the big party and lavished the young newlyweds with enough books, clothes and gift cards to equip an entire nursery.

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Grandma, Aunts, Cousins, Sisters, and the like were babbling on mindlessly about all the little activities in each of their lives.   Sabrina's dad Tony and brother Anthony were there.   Even Best Man Ben Johnson put in an appearance and distinguished himself being an excellent Gift Recorder during the present opening.

Sue & Kathy laid on a spread that included sandwiches, salads, chips, veggies all washed down with a tangy sherbert flavored punch. Cake was served making it a meal to remember. Following that, a Quiz, Baby Bingo and other maddening little games were played. Each attendee was given a Party Favour that included a tube of lovely Lip Gloss. You won't believe how nice it looks on me & Tony's lips.

I was instructed to take the photos, keep quiet and keep out of the way. I obeyed quite well, I believe.   I snagged some video during the all important gift opening sequence, dutifully scribed by Ben as Sabrina & Bryan tore through the packages. It can be seen directly below.

It was over all too quickly and Bryan had to fly back immediately - which was sad to see. But you can tell they are Oh so excited as they await the February 2015 arrival of,

The One, The Only

Baby Thor!