With pride and excitement, Kathy, I & the boys are proud to introduce to you

The Twins!

Thanks to the generosity of our great friends at Team Block, they have allowed us to partner with them by letting us buy a minority share of a pair of 2 year old Fort Prado colts they bred on their farm, currently in training at Arlington Park!

Could they really be twins?

Well technically,no - but they do have the same father, they were born in the same year, and look at their faces! They're identical! (other than color).

So even though they have racing names of In The Chamber and Frontier Force, I have given them nicknames in honor of my Dad and my Godfather, - also identical twins - of "Russ" & "Pop". In The Chamber is older so he's "Russ" as my Godfather was born 10 minutes before my Dad.

Pop (the horse) is also the half brother to the 1st horse we partnered with Team Block named "No Apologizes", shown right. Sadly, the Apologizer had to be put down earlier this year after breaking a front leg in a training accident. No Apologizes, was a force who typically would walk out of the gate, but pounded down the lane like a Great Grey Freight Train. We miss that gentle giant. He was nothing but Heart! And as you can see, Pop already looks just like him.

Click here for pictures of The Twins 1st breeze

Click here for In The Chamber's Pedigree

click here for Frontier Force's Pedigree

The Twins are huge - especially Russ as they look well older than unraced 2 Year Olds. They carry the legacy of their father, the Great Fort Prado, a Team Block champion sired by the great El Prado. Fort Prado won over a million dollars and always seemed to get to the wire in the last jump in front of everyone else.

In 2012, I was fortunate to go to the Team Block farm in Philo, Illinois for their annual foal review. While there, I was able to snap photos of these 2 when they were just 4 months old. It is amazing how they have grown and also how much Pop has changed color. In the Chamber (Russ) is left and Frontier Force (Pop) is to the right.

To be clear, The Twins are not part of our extended family stable of Red Rabbit Racing. We are currently searching in New York for our next horse in that venture. But as I sit as a Director on the ITHA (Illinois Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association) it is incumbent on me to race in Illinois which is why we bought into The Twins. So we must setup a second Racing Partnership of just our family that henceforth will be known as...

Princess Kathy Racing!

Kathy I & the boys will be partners in that venture - though make no mistake, we want to get that next champion into Red Rabbit Racing as soon as we can!

Video below is of the Twins breezing together on August 3rd. These guys do everything together!

Thank you to David, Pat, Ryan, Dena & Chris Block for letting us share in the excitement of

The Twins!