On a beautiful July 4th eve, we gathered at sister Nancy's house to celebrate that

Tyler is a teen!

Now this is hard to believe. Our Godson Tyler, youngest child of Randy & Nancy turned 13. Where has the time gone! Our Godson, a good Christian lad, looked all too grown up as he entered his teens, wearing a very colorful set of Nike Trainers shown all the way at the bottom of the page.

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Gathering for dinner, Nancy laid on a spread of treats, followed by Pizza and then dessert, headlined by a homemade cake from lovely Lauren that was viciously good!

Both Randy's side of the family plus Nancy's were well represented. Bill & Shotzie, John & Debby along with babe daughter Lauren, were there. My three sisters and most of their kids were present.

From my family, Princess Kathy, Ben, Brett, & Brad were there along with hottie girlfriends Mary & Tina. We missed aviator Top Gun John, training in Japan, Bryan & Sabrina having chowdah in Boston, and Bryan's real dad, Mike.

Highlight of the evening was the family picture we took with yours truly, laying across the front. Alas, following the snaps, I was athletically bouncing onto my feet, when Shotzie brazenly tripped me sending me sprawling headlong into the soft turf. I attempted to rise again and barely made it..... Everyone had a big laugh at my expense.... Very disrespectful.

I tried to talk with all my Nieces & Nephews... Jaclyn still tight were her Louisville beau, Lauren with her wonderful skin, Tina with her misbehaving Bradley, Allison with her Sim CIty project, Jeff still squiring Casey around town, & Ryan just chillin'. Whew quite busy.

Randy spoke a lovely prayer before dinner and then we all toasted our newest teenager, Tyler.

A great evening with a great family.....

Congratulations Ty.