On a lovely November 14 evening, Kathy and I were honoured to attend

Gunz & Shannon's Wedding Reception!

Shannon, eldest daughter of longtime friends Bob & Gail Moran, had eloped earlier this year with her beau of 13 years. She married a great guy who goes by the nickname Gunz, short for his given name of Gonzalo. Shannon & Gunz had married in Nashville and this party was a way for all to celebrate the happiness of these 2 with their family & friends.

The party was held at the world famous Kabuki Restaurant in Glendale Heights, with the party hosted by it's proprietor and longtime Moran chum Chad. Shannon's sister Mary had created a video celebrating Gunz & Shannons life and was shown in the bar to all in the party and to everybody else who happened to be in there for a drink. Everyone enjoyed it - even those who had never seen Shannon or Gunz before. Video can be played at bottom of page....

Food was great, cathching up with everyone was just as fun. Shannon & Gunz looked so happy, you couldn't help but smile thinking of their life together. It was nice to meet all of Gunz' family - they are great people. It also was nice to catch up witht the Moran Cousins and all of Shannon's friends that we watched grow up over the years.

As Shannon's proud uncle, I have to share one of my favourite pics of Shannon taken in 2003 when she and her dad visited Italy at the same time I had business there. Pictured left, Shannon is overlooking the famous harbour in Portofino, Italy. Gunz, you were lucky no Italian Boy snapped her up before you came on the scene. Isn't she lovely....

Gunz manages a Computer Services organization and Shannon is the finest Hair Dresser east of the Mississippi- with Kathy at the top of her Client list. They make their home somewhere in the Chicago Western Suburbs - I can't remember which.

God bless you Gunz & Shannon

May you have many years of happiness, health, peace & joy.

Video For Shannon & Gunz by Mary Moran