In the Flashest of Flashes, you blink your eyes and realize that our

Jeff is 18!

Jeff Gregorio, only son of Mike and sister Laurie, turned 18 and a finer fellow would be hard to find. He's got all the qualites that you like in a young man. He's a good Son, Brother, Grandson, Nephew, Cousin, Boyfriend, Student and Best of All, yes Best of All, he's one helluva Firework Showman, schooled in the Grand Tradition by his name sake Jeff "Cop Fetcher" Johnson of Morton Grove.

The affair was at Laurie's Maison and she put on quite a large spread, but with few items anyone actually liked. The Menu was peppered with far too many healthy selections - not a thing Fried, nothing that would look good on a Bun, with no remnants of anything that was once a Steer.

But I suffered in silence and Made Do with a couple Grapes knowing Cake & Ice Cream were coming later.

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The family turned out in force, with the Perrymans, Johnsons & Gallos, complete with a long overdue appearance by US Air Force Pilot John R. Gallo, home on a 2 day leave. Keep Johnny in your prayers as he protects us all.

After the sprouts & weeds were served for dinner, we lustily sang Happy Birthday to Jeff and quickly cut into the cake.

Following, Jeff put on a lovely early season Fireworks show, that included the "Butterfly Garden" exhibit - which you will recall damn near sent our Beloved Aunty Joyce into premature Sainthood when it went awry at the Gallo home last summer.

This show's highlight was "The Saturn Flaming Battery 200", now my new favourite, which wound up the proceedings firing 200 missiles high into the air accompanied by Helen Davis Girdle Rippling reports. Spectacular.

Video below is Jeff talking about becoming 18 and smoking that first Stogie with his Dad bridging his Adolescence to his Manhood!

Happy Birthday Jeff!

The Johnson's Love You!